Commercial and Office Building Design Trends Moving Forward

Commercial and Office Building Design Trends Moving Forward

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SCI1The American Institute of Architects (AIA) surveyed nationally leading architects for their outlook on the upcoming changes in building design over the next decade.

Buildings continue to become much more energy efficient with the help of technology. Smart and green technologies are also improving efficiency for an owner or tenant who use the building and project delivery methods that create it.

Here are some of the top trends the AIA survey pointed out:

  • Water conservation, solar and wind power generation will continue to become more widespread over the next decade.
  • Architects will identify and pioneer more innovative materials for buildings like composites, new glass, and glazing technologies to allow for expanded design options.
  • Improved use of natural lighting techniques and smart lighting technology systems, including automation and motion-sensor activated lights.
  • Building software and data will create intelligent information that can be used to grow sustainability. Alternative project delivery methods and lean construction practices can also increase the efficiency of the building design.

Green building is a growing trend in response to a developing demand to protect the environment. The demand for sustainable construction methods and green building techniques continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Environmental construction can imply a variety of factors. Green building means creating and maintain any structure that does not damage the surrounding environment or deplete natural resources in construction.

To accomplish that, significant steps must be taken to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, creating the increasing trend on green and sustainable construction. Expect the focus to increase on making wind and solar power technologies more readily available as well.

Green building techniques can also help your organization to become more environmentally friendly. Your business could even save money through lower energy costs from green technologies and promoting your environmentally-aware business to your customers and the community.

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