Current Trucker Shortage Impacts the Construction Industry

Current Trucker Shortage Impacts the Construction Industry

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By Eric A. Schoppman

In the last couple of days there have been several business articles posted on the truck driver shortage. This driver shortage is having an impact on the construction industry due to many older drivers leaving the profession and fewer younger people seeing long-haul trucking as a desirable profession.

Articles report that in an effort to retain drivers, some long-haul trucking companies have social media staff that communicate with their fleet drivers in order to obtain a feel for driver satisfaction. Many companies are increasing pay, benefits, and bonuses in order to retain drivers. As more product goes from the factory directly to the door step of the consumer, this demand will remain strong.

Trucking companies that specialize in construction site material delivery services are finding that

  • For every ten people they hire and train to become commercial truck drivers, on average only two remain with the company.
  • The remaining eight people end up leaving the company that trained them in order to go to work for other companies that pay higher wages.

This shortage of commercial truck drivers will affect the cost of construction materials and scheduling of the delivery of materials to jobsites. It may also affect the delivery of holiday gifts ordered on line.

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