Do Your Job!

Do Your Job!

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Do Your Job.  With the Super Bowl only hours away, I hear this mantra repeated over and over on the pre-game hype shows.  But we can all take some advice from the New England Patriots head coach and just , “Do Our Job.”  Being a lifelong Patriots fan, I’ve heard this particular phrase communicated to the players for many years but always likened it back to merely a football rally cry.  When I stop and think about what it means, the phrase resonates clearly.

Doing the little things well does matter.  Sometimes we take for granted the little tasks that we do each day.  We don’t think that performing to our highest ability on even a small task can determine the outcome of the big picture, but it often does.  Just like botching the hold on a field goal may cost a team only three points, but in the biggest game of the season, those three little points matter.  Showing up for work on time, making that extra sales call, writing that report or even signing up for that class that may take you to the next level in your career, all of these little things are impactful.  Once you start to do the little things, the big things will soon follow.  And just as the Patriots may not win every game by doing their job, they are certainly very successful by doing the little things every day.

And one final thought, as I sat in bed this Super Bowl Monday morning, my dog jumped up at his usual 5:30 a.m. to let me know it’s time to get up.  After a tough loss from my team in the big game, I realized that life goes on and that life is really the biggest game of them all.  Bigger than any Super Bowl or National Championship.  Life doesn’t give you overtime.  Life doesn’t have a game winning Hail Mary.  Go out there each day and perform those daily tasks like the game is on the line, because it is, each and every day.

By: Paul MacDonald

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