Impact on Schedule – Delayed Inspections

Impact on Schedule – Delayed Inspections

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Due to the increase in construction activity, the demand for building permits are increasing. With this increase in permitting causes an increase in onsite inspections.  All site inspections are done by a qualified building inspector.  Many of the cities and local governing authorities have gone to a call-in computer system, where requests for inspections are made during a certain time of day by calling into an inspection phone system requesting the inspection.  Typically, the inspection is made with in twenty-four (24) hours after the request.  So, the site supervisors make the call the day before he needs the inspection.  These inspections need to be completed to maintain the construction schedule.

In the past several months, contractors are placing the twenty-four (24) hour inspection request and finding that the qualified inspector assigned to perform the inspection is completely book with other inspections for that day and arrangements for inspection are reschedule for the following business day.  This one-day delay may cause an issue with the overall schedule should the inspection affect the critical path item of completion.

In defense of the local governing authority, all are trying to cope with this demand by working longer hours, using reporting systems which eliminate travel time, increasing staff or contracting with qualified inspection services.  With all this effort and can still be a hit or miss process.

Because of the increase in construction activity, owners will need to be more accepting of longer project durations.  Many contractors are including a time contingency for these issues.

By: Andrew Schoppman

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