Meet the Owner – Eric Schoppman

Meet the Owner – Eric Schoppman

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A resident of Atlanta, Ga., Eric Schoppman is the President and Owner of Schoppman Company, Inc. Eric has over 35 years in the construction industry and has been the owner and president with Schoppman since 2004.

Eric’s passion for the construction industry started when he began working a landscaping in high school. He then moved on to carpentry work and working odd jobs on people’s houses, where he knew one day he would own his own company.

His favorite thing about working in construction is the lasting impact a construction project has over time.

“When the job was done, you could always turn around and look at it,” Eric says. “It would be there for a while for people to appreciate. If you’re a cook, you work so hard and long – and in 20 minutes, the moment is over with, but that’s why I choose construction.”

He entered college as a pre-veterinarian major, starting school at the University of Miami in 1974 and choosing to stay home. After making the decision to switch to civil engineering, he transferred to Auburn University in 1975.

His first job out of school, he started off as a layout engineer, where he learned the fundamentals of building and gained a respect for people that work in the field.

Eric often tells his employees the three most important keys about construction are: communication, communication, communication.

“You can’t communicate enough. You have to talk with the owner and the architect, all the way down to the laborer. The most important thing about starting a project if finding someone you can have absolute trust for open and honest conversations.”

On Fridays, Eric enjoys volunteering in the press box at Pope High School in Marietta, Ga. on Friday nights. He is mostly working on his house in his free time, but he enjoys fishing and golfing when he can.

Eric is married to Mary with three sons – Max, Andrew, and Garrett, who are all grown up, and Andrew is now an Assistant Project Manager at Schoppman. If they ever get a chance to take a trip together, it’s always somewhere saltwater fishing.

“Growing up in South Florida, I knew I wanted to end up in Atlanta,” he says. “If you needed a part for your car, they had to get it shipped in from Atlanta. It is the hub of the South with the world’s busiest airport. I felt like if I came to Atlanta it would be a great place to start my career in construction and raise a family.”

Eric would love the opportunity to discuss with you any upcoming project you might be considering. You can reach him at (770) 693-9000 or email him at You can also connect with Eric on LinkedIn

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