Technology: More Than Just the Phones

Technology: More Than Just the Phones

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By: Eric A. Schoppman

Just take a minute and look around. Have you noticed that everyone is using their Smart Phone? As a matter of fact, the Smart Phone has now grown to be part of us. So much so, we are unable to exist without them, and everyone wants the latest and greatest.

The Smart Phone seems to have overshadowed other technical advancements that humanity should be more excited about. Granted, the Smart Phone is a great advancement, but we need to stop and look around at other technology that will improve the quality of life for those without.

For example, imagine you are blind. With today’s technology you can obtain a bionic lens implant. The inorganic eye is placed in your own eye socket and connected to your brain to enable you to see patterns of light. You can now touch your loved one’s face, you can see if a door is open or closed, and you can recognize the location of a door latch. Simple things to the sighted but what a life improvement for the blind.

Additionally, being born deaf you may listen to hard rock or heavy metal music because you enjoy the way it vibrates your body. With the opportunity of a cochlear electronic implant you may find you’re not the fan you used to be of heavy metal music, but that you now love listening to classical music because of the complex sounds.

These are just two examples of existing technology that improves the lives of the few that can now afford the advancement. As this technology improves and efficiency takes place, the cost should be reduced allowing an affordable option to all who want to utilize this enhanced technology. We need to be excited about the future and embrace life improvements in the same way as we embrace our Smart Phones. Take time to look around and you may just be amazed.

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