Project Delivery Time

Project Delivery Time

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I recently received a call from a professional organization inquiring about building their own facility. In this preliminary discussion, the potential client had a location picked out and the funds to build the required space. During this discussion the construction schedule was discussed as this client needed their new building in one (1) year. That’s when the bad new was delivered. In the desired location it would take twelve (12) months to receive a permit to start construction. With this information in hand the client made the decision to scrap its plans for their new building.

Many authorities having jurisdiction such as city, county and state, have established layers to the approval process. It is not uncommon that preliminary building plans are first approved by a local group of citizens before the plans take the next step in the approval process. This process can often take two or more attempts before the citizen committee approves the preliminary plans. After the citizen committee approval process there is zoning approval, site development, fire marshal and building permit. If the facility is food service, you will also need to add health department.

This complete process to receive a building permit, which is required before work can start, may take twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months. The following is a line by line approval with approximate duration times:

1. Citizen Committee Approval 3 – 5 months
2. Land Disturbance Permit 3 – 4 months
3. Fire Marshal Approval 1 – 2 months
4. Building Permit 2 – 4 months

Some groups are more knowledgeable and better equipped than others to march through this process to have property ownership. Others are electing to purchase condominium space or purchase shares in an organization who owns the property. The last two options of ownership avoid the headache of project delivery time.

If you are interested in building your own building, reach out to a trusted architect or design-build team to discuss durations of design, approval, and construction. It would be helpful to know that information first.

By: Eric A. Schoppman

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