Schoppman Company, Inc. Hires New VP: Strengthens Personnel

Schoppman Company, Inc. Hires New VP: Strengthens Personnel

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Paul MacDonald thinks the best part of his job is seeing a project grow from paper to a finished structure. He accomplishes this through working with a variety of clients to help them fulfill their vision into their own completed building.

Paul's Headshot 5.16For Paul MacDonald, working in construction and solving problems has become something he excels at.

He attributes his background in construction tool sales as what gives him the ability to deal with the wide-ranging personalities he deals with working in construction.

Growing up in California, Paul moved to Atlanta right before the Summer Olympics in 1996. From there, he graduated from Southern Poly after completing the construction management program.

Growing up in a construction family, it made for a seamless transition from sales into construction

In 2003, Paul signed on to work as a project manager at Schoppman Company. Playing a small role in his decision to return, he was grateful for President Eric Schoppman giving him his first opportunity.

“Yes, this is a bit of a homecoming for me,” Paul said. “I’m greatly looking forward to going back and helping to grow the company. The timing was right in terms of coming back and the opportunities are there.”

Paul is now returning as vice president, when he will handle several day-to-day activities.

He will be responsible for managing existing projects, developing business with old and new clients and maintaining those relationships. He will also work with Eric on the company’s overall direction and employee development.

“Paul’s work ethic is outstanding,” Eric said. “His attitude is No. 1. There are other people that I’ve worked with, but I knew Paul was the guy I wanted for this role from the start.”

One of the things Paul enjoys most about his career is the variety his day brings and the diversity of people he gets to work with. Every day is different. He also appreciates helping build his clients’ visions into reality.

Married for 13 years, Paul and his wife have two children, who take up a lot of his time away from work. They enjoy playing softball and baseball, spending time at the pool, and traveling to the beach.

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