How the Shortage of Skilled Inspectors Can Impact the Permitting Process

How the Shortage of Skilled Inspectors Can Impact the Permitting Process

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With the labor shortage of qualified building inspectors, the permit approval process can now take considerably longer.

This can have a major impact on the building process, including the number of projects commercial builders can take on.

The increase in federal regulations also has a major effect on the permit process. Cities and counties have more items to check of when reviewing permits – making them that much longer to builders can get started.

With the economy back, projects are starting to flood in. Yet the boom isn’t able to take off, in large part to the delayed permit approvals.

It can now take months to get started, which can put projects at risk of ever taking off.

This means anyone in need of a new commercial building will have to wait for cities and counties before the general contractor can begin construction – leaving months delay.

The reviews are done to ensure building safety and zoning codes are met. And making sure those qualifications are met are incredibly important.

On top of that, environmental regulations are of chief concern but also add more time to the approval process.

Those regulations matter for the current owner of the building and they matter for any future occupant of the building.

But the issue of long delays is still greatly affecting residential and commercial project build times.

There needs to be some middle ground between doing the job right and making sure everything is approved correctly versus doing the job quickly and efficiently enough to meet project goals.

The costs of regulatory delays on economic development are largely unnoticed because it is not readily evident that buildings are not being built.

In summary, building owners and developers should expect longer durations for land disturbance and building permits. It is advisable that anyone considering building or renovating  an existing building check with the local authority on permit durations before making a commitment on project completion dates.

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